All American Event Rentals Monthly Blog
July 2017, All American Event Rentals Monthly Blog:
          Title: Price vs Value

This is the first of hopefully many monthly blogs that we will post to assist and guide Customer and Friends on the Event Rental process.

Question: If you rent chairs from a company that cost a little less, however are dirty and the delivery and order process is less than friendly….is that “price” more important than the actual “value” of the service and rental?

If you answered yes to the above question, stop reading.  We are most likely not the event rental company you want to work with.  There is such a huge difference between what something costs and the actual total value of the product and service.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality, clean equipment with exemplary service.  We do not offer $1.00 chairs, and our business model will most likely never do so.  We delivery clean chairs, and upon pickup after the rental, we clean each and every chair.  We do not stack them and ship them out to the next rental customer without address the condition they may be in.  How much time do you want to spend cleaning chairs you rent, prior to your event or gathering?

Please consider the earlier question and the answer you would give.  If the lowest price is always your choice, we wish you the very best with your event rental experiences.  If the actual complete and total value, price, cleanliness, and kind professional service is most important to you, we look forward to being your event rental source.